Get your OneLife ID Tags!

In a step towards improving safety for training & racing and improving our race management processes we have agreed a deal with onelifeID to use their ID system.

The GB Ocean Ski Emergency ID tags are a durable and convenient way of ensuring you and your boat can be easily identified and so that when racing those on shore have your contact information.

The ID attached to paddler and Surfski, with one at HQ, means that contact, medical or emergency information is readily available saving valuable time in the event of an emergency and not wasting time if there isn’t one!

For £5.00 each member will receive 3 durable PVC GB Ocean Ski Tags personalised with their choice of In Case of Emergency (ICE) information. Each set includes ring attachments, ICE Alert carrier sticker and  the OneLife ID online profile where you can store additional details and documents.  If you want to order other ID elements like stickers or wristbands you can do this on the website too.


See the demo profile


  1. go to:
  2. Click ‘shop now’
  3. Select the ‘GB Ocean Ski’ Tag
  4. Enter your name
  5. Enter your choice of emergency, medical or contact
  6. Select 1 Set of Club Tags – £5.00
  7. Go to ‘check out’
  8. At checkout enter your  GB Ocean Ski discount code: GBOCEANSKI (this is how you get them for £5.00 instead of lots more so don’t forget to enter this!!)