Paddlelife Clinic – more details from Sean Rice

With the Paddlelife clinic fast approaching in June at the Solent – Old Harry race, we asked Sean Rice to give us an overview of what the day would include.  He very kindly sent us the following info:

Here is a quick overview of the PaddleLife workshops I have been running. We have had super feed back and they have been a great success.

My workshops cover:

45min dry land theory and 2 hours of work on the water. The pace of the workshop is designed to keep everyone involved and interested.

We will not do “training” but rather spend the time working on skill sets that each paddler is lacking.

Subjects to be covered in both Beginner and Advanced groups include:

– Correct set up of Surfski, paddle and paddling posture

– Surfski specific stroke technique with the wing paddle

– Stability and boat control drills

– Rough water paddling skills in a Surfski

– Safety on the water

– 6 water drills that will help improve any paddler (These are explained and done on the water during the workshop)

– Questions and answer

and for the more advanced group I include subjects such as

– Training principles

– Run riding and open ocean paddling

– Racing skills and techniques

– Question and answer

The main reason for splitting groups into advanced and beginners is not the actual course content but rather to make sure each paddler will keep up with the pace of the content and perhaps group on the water. This will only be done if there is a demand for it in the UK.

I have quite a casual and friendly style of coaching and I encourage everyone who attends the workshop to email me at any time, throughout the year, if they have questions regarding the workshop, drills, their own training etc.

Please let me know if you would like any more details or any more photos as I have loads!! I really hope to get a keen bunch of paddlers at the workshop.


If you would like to attend the clinic then drop Sean a message at the Paddlelife website.