At Season’s End

The end of the season saw highs – sunshine, wind and a great entry for the Poole Bay race – and lows, with the cancellation of the Doubles Championships due to lack of entries.

Mark Ressel continued his dominance with another win over the Open fleet at the Poole Bay race, to take first place for the season (Scoob, come back and give him a hard time…). Outside the GB Series, he also polished off the Oban Sea Kayak Race, leading home a top 10 largely made up of skis.  Gus England snapped up second in the Open fleet with a consistent single figure scoreline.

In the Masters fleet Simon Garbett finished with an even more perfect scoreline of bullets, discarding a 4th place from the shallow waters of the Looe River.  Nick East was always close behind, recording 5,2,2,2,2.

The Women’s fleet saw six entrants, but all attending only one race each.  Jess Hanafin taking the overall season by dint of having recorded a first in the final race.

It was also women at the top of the Doubles fleet,  Katie Fielder and Keia Wardman proving that persistence pays, recording finishes in four of the five races, which gave them the overall number one spot.  Not to mention their completion of the Celtic Crossing from the Scillies to Sennen (along with a few others…) – persistence definitely pays!

Just after the end of the series, the Poole Harbour Race also attracted a large entry of skis, which looks like a good sign for the future.

So that’s the competition over for this year (unless you’re heading to Tahiti…or Holland), but plenty of waves still to catch, with the first of the big autumn low pressures spooling up in the Atlantic as I type this.

Happy paddling 🙂