Introducing the Ocean Racing Working Group

This year, British Canoeing is officially recognising Canoe Ocean Racing as a new discipline.

An Ocean Racing Working Group has been set up to oversee initially the assessment, training, selection and promotion of a GB Team to compete in the World Championships in France in September this year. The Selection Policy for the GB can be found here.

The volunteer Working Group members are:

Jim Taylor-Ross; GB Team Manager

Glen Eldridge; GB Team Coach

Jenny Williams; GB Team Welfare Lead

Tom Mason; GB Team Safety Lead

Lisa Dent; GB Team Logistics Lead

Clare Frank; GB Team Communications Lead

To contact any member of the Working Group, please email:

There is also already an established Selection Panel within British Canoeing, which will be used for selection this year. The Working Group will be providing assessment information to be fed into the Selection Panel.

The Selection Panel members are:

Ivan Lawler

Mark Ressel

Independent panel member

Gemma Wiggs (non-voting member)

The focus this year will be on Single Surf Ski, with the desire for this to be widened to include other disciplines in future years.

By starting with a focus on the GB Team, our aim is to create excitement and momentum around the sport, which we can build on moving forward, with the long-term aim to inform and encourage more people to take part in the sport.